Amy and Nathan. Mobile Image

Amy and Nathan


Wedding date: 9/24/22

Venue: St Paul’s Lutheran Church, Decatur, IL & Mt Zion Convention Center, Mt Zion, IL

Photographer: Rachael Schirano


Tell us about your experience at Nine Cloud Bridal Boutique


I went shopping at 3 places total and Cloud Nine blew the others away! I spotted a dress online and knew I HAD to try it on. I contacted Cloud Nine, they worked their magic and brought the dress in (it was by a designer they carry) for my appointment. I still tried on other dresses and narrowed it down to 3. The dress they brought in for me ended up being the ONE! Not only were they professional, the girls there were the biggest hype team. They listened to what I wanted and encouraged me during the whole process!

Tell us about your wedding!


We had a fall wedding with the bridesmaids dresses in rose gold sequins and the guys in navy suits. The rose gold complimented with burgundy, blush and ivory florals was absolutely beautiful! Everyone said that our ceremony was very thoughtful and emotional. We danced the night away at our reception and it was truly perfect!