Grace & Ethan. Mobile Image

Grace & Ethan

Wedding date
: June 17, 2022

Venue: The Cannery

Photographer: Schilling Photography


Tell us about your experience at Nine Cloud Bridal Boutique

I adored my time at Cloud 9! It was easily one of my favorite parts about wedding planning. Right when I walked in, I felt special. They had many dresses picked out for me in my perfect size and taste right when I walked in. I felt so beautiful and cared for, and Shelby was amazing at helping me narrow down my choices and ultimately help me pick my dress! I ended up picking the first dress that I tried on. Even after picking out my dress, cloud nine was amazing throughout all my other visits up until the wedding day. I would recommend this shop for any bride!

Tell us about your wedding!

We had a beautiful wedding at the Cannery. It was the perfect day with our friends and family, and I have never felt more beautiful.