Rebekah & Reuben. Mobile Image

Rebekah & Reuben

Wedding date
: October 29, 2022

Venue: Goodfield Fellowship Hall

Photographer: Timber Rose Photo


Tell us about your experience at Nine Cloud Bridal Boutique

Working at Cloud Nine you would think it would be hard to find your dream dress- not the case! I found my dress when I needed to take a photo for social media. Ended up falling in love (after hating it on the hanger) and fully customized the outer layer! I’m so beyond thrilled how perfect it turned out!

Tell us about your wedding!

We got married in Goodfield at the AC fellowship hall after being engaged for 3.5 months! My husband built my bouquet and our friends decorated everything. It was the perfect day- from our friends and family there, to us enjoying each other and making memories along the way.